Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday: What Makes Me Happy

  • Payday!
  • Zumba. So far it's just been Youtube, but now I have an official DVD from the library.
  •  Clean Sheets.
  •  Agatha Christie's writing.
  •  Discussing the generational differences of the "Pete and Repeat" joke with my dad.
  •  Real Housewives of New Jersey. Yes, I'm addicted to trashy reality tv, and I can admit it.
  •  Poppy-seed salad dressing. If only I could enjoy it with Michele.
  •  Playing Wise and Otherwise. 
  •  Realizing the "down, right, backspace" keyboard motion I was making sounding like the "We Will Rock You" beat.....yup, simple things for simple minds!

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