Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And we're back to this blogging business again.....

 So this summer has been underway for about 6 weeks now. It's been filled with fun adventures: crossing things off my summer bucket list, more coffee runs than my wallet would prefer, and tons of procrastinating for the things I should really be getting done (online class, GRE prep, grad school searching).

I recently realized that I've been home (7 months today) for quite a bit longer than I was in Uganda (4 months). Earlier spring semester, I thought I would enjoy having a low-key summer at home. However, I keep feeling a growing dissatisfaction. I'm longing for the excitement, adventure, and prestige that goes with being a "traveler." Sometimes I wonder if I want to travel and do big things for the right reasons.  Am I being motivated by my "image" ? Contentment and humility are definitely qualities that I'm praying God would break in to me.

Anyhow, I was at my summer job at Jo-ann the other day, and I got to help a Thai woman look for some fabric. She didn't speak the best English, and wasn't finding what she wanted. We spent a half-hour doing impromptu sign language, laughing at each other, and generally being frustrated that we weren't understanding each other.  At first, I thought she was trying to make those capes you wear when you get your hair cut. As it turns out, she was making sari-type wraps. The combinations of fabric she was putting together were absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could dress like that. She probably didn't leave the store with exactly what she was looking for. Yet, the experience filled me with memories of all the hilarious conversations and miscommunications I had while in the Pearl of Africa. Cross cultural communication can be such a beautiful and rewarding thing, even though it can be frustrating!

I am so glad that life is an adventure, even when I'm working retail for the summer!

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