Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm here!

After about 36 hours of traveling, I'm here at Uganda Christian University! We arrived in Entebbe yesterday night around 8 and took a 2 hr. coaster (a small bus) ride to UCU. I'm staying in an honors dorm, so I have an American roommate, but there are Ugandan girls across the hall. We walked into our room last night and there was no light bulb in the fixture, so we got to rough it!  Our dorm maid (yep, we're in Africa and our dorm has a maid, cultural standards are certainly different!) said we would get one this morning, but we have yet to get one. We decided that sleeping underneath the mosquito net is kinda like having a canopy bed, and we feel like!

So far it's just been mostly orientation and getting acquainted with the campus, our leaders, etc. This afternoon we met with our social work field instructor who will be overseeing my 6 credit-hour practicum (internship). I think I want to do my internship at CHAIN, an orphanage in the nearby village, but I will get to visit the possible sites I can intern with before making the final call.